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Kenny Hawk	Co-Founder
Mission	        Bring Google AdWords simplicity and reach	               to live event digital advertising	               ...
Experienced TeamDeep Domain Expertise (Sports, Advertising  Technology)   	                Tim Schoen [founder, chairman, ...
The Problem and Opportunity	  All 40 Superbowl TV ads sold out at record $1.5Million/spot	  Yet teams routinely have 15-...
Our Solution	Complete platform for connecting Media Buyers and Owners of Any Digital Signs	   POST	     PURCHASE	     PUBL...
Streamlined Buying	                        6
Accelerating Traction	  Signed first $1Million in advertising commitments	  Contract phase with teams and leagues below	 ...
Investment Opportunity	                Raising $750K	                                    8
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Investment Opportunity Raising $750K [email protected] BrandBoards demo day pitch deck


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Investment Opportunity Raising $750K [email protected] 8

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