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We’re helping golfers track and improve their game
@cadeegolfWhy Golfers?
@cadeegolf        57,000,000        golfers worldwide        60% Make over$$$$$   $100,000 a year
@cadeegolf            What does Cadee do?Track and manage   Find new playing   Discover new courses    your stats         ...
@cadeegolfUnderstanding your  game is tough  All they have right now is a paper and pencil.
@cadeegolfWe make it easyGolfers just take a picture of theirscorecard and it gets sent to us wherewe digitize the informa...
Tracking your stats iseasy once we have allthe data.
You can find golferswho play the samecourses and at thesame skill level
Awards, achievementsand trophies are allunlockable on Cadee
@cadeegolf 52% retention         Avg time spent:  (Users who have                         5 minutes come back to addmore t...
@cadeegolfBusiness Model
@cadeegolf             Golf courses want                Golfer data            Golfers want to know          about tee tim...
Course profile pagesgets courses and theirdeals discoveredCost to courses:$350/mo
@cadeegolf           We tested the market1000+ $2.60                  $40users in first month   CPA    LTV
@cadeegolfWorld Domination
@cadeegolfAdvertisers love golfers Right now, they’re sponsoring tournaments
@cadeegolf       So we do  tournaments onlineAnyone can enter. All they do, is add a score.
@cadeegolfSteve O’Connor   Sean Rucker     Stephen Taubman  +8 Handicap     +18 Handicap      +36 Handicap   Sales        ...
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@cadeegolf So we do tournaments
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@cadeegolf So we do tournaments Cadee


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@cadeegolf So we do tournaments onlineAnyone can enter. All they do, is add a score.

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