info API ยป API Kits

Platform Name Contributor
Microsoft .net (C#) Frederik Vig
Java Lucio Benfante
Python Subramanian Prabhu
Python Sergey Chernyshev
Coldfusion Raymond Camden
PERL Ashish Mukherjee

Note: The API kits are not maintained by Slideshare and should be used at your own risk. For API kit support, please join the or the maintainers directly.

We are looking for more API wrappers in cURL, Perl, ActionScript, ColdFusion, Ruby, VB.NET, J# and other languages. Please submit your wrapper at and we'll feature it on this section.

How do I start?

  • Apply for an API key. This will be sent to you by e-mail instantly.
  • Read the API documentation for complete information about the API calls available.
  • See the resources section for useful links and implementation basics.
  • Join the to keep in touch with the Slideshare developer community.
  • Tell us about your cool application you built using Slideshare API and get your app featured on Slideshare

Also, Check out our RSS feeds! They contain a lot of rich data (including slideshow embed codes and thumbnails) that can be useful in creating your mashup.